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What you need to know about conversions?

Any home with an old wood-burning fireplace would have this vintage yet cozy atmosphere. It certainly enhances the beauty of the room, wherever it is installed. But behind this beauty is the fact that it does not do enough in keeping the home warm. Old ones, do generate heat but much of it evaporates up the chimney, wasted. This is why many home-owners invest in converting their wood burning one to something with gas inserts. But more than this, there are several other reasons to convert your old fireplace to a more modern one.

Your local fireplace showroom would likely have some inserts for sale. If you pay them a visit, the helpful staff will no doubt help you work out the correct size you need. This can help them refer you to the correct inserts. It is important that there would be no gaps between the insert and the hole around it, this will ensure that it is as efficient as possible. You can reap the profits from this investment in the form of reduced electricity bills due to lower heating needs.

Before you can have your insert replaced though, you need to check the condition of your existing gas line, if any. If you don't have the line yet, make sure you have one installed right away. Just think of it as an additional investment so you can finally change your wood burning stove into energy efficient version. Ask the showroom staff too if they can do the installation for you. It's not really a good idea to gamble on installing the insert yourself when you are not an expert in the process and sometimes the warranty won't protect you on the installation.

Once you start experiencing the benefits of fireplace gas conversion. The new insert would allow you to simply flip a switch on and off if you want to start the fire. This certainly beats having to start a fire with wood. If you think you'll miss the flames of the old fireplace, don't worry about it, your new gas fireplace will still produce lifelike flames!